Host a Recovery Recess event

Members of Congress are heading home for Congress's spring recess, and they need to hear from us! It’s time for Congress to urgently deliver jobs, care, justice, green infrastructure, climate solutions, Indigenous tribal sovereignty, and real democracy for all of our people.

Socially distanced events will take place in person and online throughout recess (March 29 to April 11), including the "Time to THRIVE" actions, organized by the Green New Deal Network, and the "For the People Week of Action" April 5-9, led by the Declaration for American Democracy coalition. Some ideas for your event could be a virtual town hall event with your senator's office, a sign-holding rally, a petition delivery, or a storytelling action in front of your representative's office.

We are committed to maintaining public health measures to practice safe protesting during the pandemic. All event participants will be expected to wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and follow all local safety guidelines. As an individual host, you are responsible for compliance with your own local laws and event requirements (including orders limiting the sizes of events). All hosts are strongly encouraged to limit event size to 50 or fewer participants and are expected to set limits in line with local public health guidelines. As a health precaution, in-person events will only be approved if they are taking place outside; no indoors in-person events will be permitted on this map.

MoveOn is here to support you throughout this process with a host guide, prep call, and tools you need to host a local event. Thank you for being a leader in your community and bringing people together to advocate for the Thrive Agenda!

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